Having an appropriate corporate identity is vital for brand recognition.
We make you look awesome!

The design of your logo and business stationery can make or break your business. Having an appropriate corporate identity is vital for brand recognition and familiarity. You want your customers to know exactly who you are just by your logo. Valley Edge Design Centre has over 24 years experience in developing brand identities. From individual products to entire companies, we can tailor a solution to your needs.


Brand Consulting

Whether you need a dependable marketing partner, a bit of expert advice on your branding or a comprehensive consultancy to solve urgent business issues, our expert team is here to help!

With experience that spans hundreds of brands, here at Valley Edge we’ve got what it takes to offer you top-tier consulting, strategic development and deployment guidance for your brand.

Guiding You to Success

If you are struggling with certain aspects of your branding, or just want to create new and compelling products and services to engage your customers, we can guide you to success smartly and cost-effectively.

Our branding experts work closely with your marketing team to help facilitate the needed changes and outline the key points that your business is having issues with. By empowering your own team to deal with your branding challenges, we are effectively giving you the means to overcome current, as well as future branding issues.

By helping your business remain brand-savvy and efficient in the long run, our branding consulting services can fundamentally improve the way you do business.

Whether you are running a small family business, an aspiring start-up or a sizable corporation, you need a solid branding strategy to remain competitive and the means to execute it effectively and cost-efficiently. At Valley Edge we can help you every step of the way to brand excellence. Contact us today to learn about the best brand consulting services in Australia, because at Valley Edge we know what it takes for a brand to truly shine!

Our Brand Development Services Include:

  • Corporate Branding
  • Brand Development
  • Branding Style Guides
  • Rebranding Refresh
  • Brand Consulting
  • Corporate Identity
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