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Stand out from the crowd with custom designed and printed display products for promotional displays and exhibitions. Valley Edge Design Centre can design, print and deliver a never ending range of promotional products!


Promotional Items

Physical promotional items are a great way to expand your brand and put a smile on your clients’ faces so they won’t soon forget your offerings.

Engage your prospects with handy promo items that are actually useful, fun giveaways or branded extras that will act as permanent advertisement on your behalf.

Imagine a happy customer leaving your business with his purchases tucked in a snappy paper or canvas bag with your logo on it. Or satisfied customers using your branded pens at their work, and therefore promoting your brand visibility in environments your conventional promotional efforts couldn’t normally penetrate.

A Promotional Item for Everyone!

As your promotional efforts diversify, you are able to engage with a wider demographic. Some people appreciate funny novelties, others like nothing more than a promotional item that is actually usable and will help them along in their everyday routines. At Valley Edge, we’ve got something for everyone and our promotional items are limited only by our clients’ imaginations.

Some of our most popular promo item options include:

  • Promotional gifts (anything from small giveaways to elaborate take-home gifts)
  • Branded stationery (including printing paper, notepads and more)
  • Branded bags (canvas, paper, plastic and more)
  • Writing pens with your logo and contact information on them
  • Fridge magnets
  • Compendiums
  • Keyrings
  • Mini-flags
  • Electronic clocks
  • Drink Bottles
  • Branded clothing (t-shirts, baseball hats etc)
  • Bottle openers

And really, anything else you can envision as part of your promotional efforts! Promotional items make for happy customers, and happy customers are often repeat customers.

Valley Edge: Brisbane’s Premier Provider of Awesome Promotional Items

With more than two decades of experience in design, printing, marketing and branding, we are the uncontested one-stop-shop for all your promotional item needs in Brisbane. We employ some of the most skilled designers and experienced marketing specialists in the country to help you facilitate your new promotional efforts, grow your business, expand your brand visibility and ultimately win over a larger part of your market.

Have a great idea about a promotional item for your business? Need expert advice on how to optimise your promotional efforts? We are here to help! Contact Valley Edge today for an obligation-free quote on how we can help you master your vertical through cleverly designed and undeniably charming promotional items. We can make it happen!

Our Promotional Printing Services Include:

  • Premium Pull-up Banners

  • Teardrop Banners

  • Vinyl Banners

  • A-Frames

  • Cafe Banner Stands

  • Vinyl Decals

  • Digital Prints

  • Media Walls

  • Digital Signage

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