Having an appropriate corporate identity is vital for brand recognition.
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The design of your logo and business stationery can make or break your business. Having an appropriate corporate identity is vital for brand recognition and familiarity. You want your customers to know exactly who you are just by your logo. Valley Edge Design Centre has over 24 years experience in developing brand identities. From individual products to entire companies, we can tailor a solution to your needs.


Brand Development

A clear-cut brand image is important for any business, but vitally so for start-ups and emerging companies. Creating your business image is often harder than it sounds and getting it wrong often results in a poor launch and a vast number of missed opportunities. Thankfully, at Valley Edge we can help you develop your brand and attain a well-defined brand image that will propel your business to success from the get-go.

Your Business Deserves the Best…

… And we are here to provide it to you, smartly and cost-effectively. Creating powerful and clear-cut business images is what we do best. Valley Edge designers and marketing professionals will help you refine your vision and develop your brand on all levels. Going beyond our world-class logo creation services, we offer an all-encompassing new look to all aspects of your business to attain consistency and optimise your marketing efforts.

Our brand development services include:

  • Logo creation
  • Corporate branding
  • Custom fonts
  • Stationery
  • Merchandise
  • Business websites
  • Social media engagement
  • Banners, flags and car signage

And numerous other variables to set you on the path to success. With the whole gamut of branding development methods at our disposal, you are guaranteed to find a design, print, marketing and web development partner who can take care of your branding efforts in Valley Edge. So contact us today to learn more about our unmatched branding development services.

Our Brand Development Services Include:

  • Corporate Branding
  • Brand Development
  • Branding Style Guides
  • Rebranding Refresh
  • Brand Consulting
  • Corporate Identity
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