Having an appropriate corporate identity is vital for brand recognition.
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The design of your logo and business stationery can make or break your business. Having an appropriate corporate identity is vital for brand recognition and familiarity. You want your customers to know exactly who you are just by your logo. Valley Edge Design Centre has over 24 years experience in developing brand identities. From individual products to entire companies, we can tailor a solution to your needs.


Corporate Branding

Your brand is the identity of your business and defines the nature of your services and the character of your organisation as a whole. Corporate branding can be as simple as utilising the right logo to be consistent with your offerings, and as complex as employing a bottom up branding strategy to expand into new markets.

No matter your corporate branding goals, at Valley Edge we can help you nail them. With decades of experience in marketing, we excel in designing and delivering efficient and cost-effective branding solutions both for start-ups and already established businesses.

Our corporate branding services are scalable and efficient regardless of the size of your business. As it is important for your branding to communicate the right message about your company, the opposite can have dire effects as ineffective branding might get your business lost in obscurity. However, you have nothing to fear with Valley Edge assisting you in your corporate branding efforts!

Differentiate Your Business and Win Over Your Demographics

Your brand identity must be well-defined and your logo and branding images instantly familiar your clients. It takes a fine balance between expert design and intimate understanding of marketing variables to get corporate branding just right; thankfully, at Valley Edge we’ve got what it takes!

We pride ourselves for our ability to encapsulate what’s great about a business into its corporate branding and help our clients showcase their unique offerings.

Consistency across marketing efforts, logos, stationery, business website, company cars and other aspects of your company is crucial for a healthy corporate branding. Contact us today to learn how we can help you strike the perfect balance and dominate your market through the best corporate branding services in the country.

Our Brand Development Services Include:

  • Corporate Branding
  • Brand Development
  • Branding Style Guides
  • Rebranding Refresh
  • Brand Consulting
  • Corporate Identity
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