Having an online presence is vital to attracting new customers.
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In the Internet generation, having an online presence is vital to attracting new customers. When looking for a business, many people immediately jump onto a search engine like Google and enter relevant keywords. Where you rank in those search results is imperative to grabbing those customers.

CMS for Your Websites

Efficiency is key to any successful venture and managing your business website shouldn’t be a drain of time and resources. Here at Valley Edge we can help you manage your websites easily and efficiently by implementing the latest content management systems (CMS) and ensuring they’re up to date and perfectly optimized to suit your needs.

While anyone can manage a small site, eCommerce stores, large blogs and professional business websites require an inordinate amount of management unless they are smartly fitted with the right CMS.

Content Management Made Easy

Updating the products and services on your online store, addressing comments, embedding online ads and quickly overview each aspect of your site is made easy through intuitive design and the use of addons and plugins specifically tailored to fulfil your business needs without wasting a single minute.

Our CMS solutions include:

  • Every available CMS platform in existence
  • Full plugin and addon support
  • Perpetual updates
  • Ironclad online security
  • On-site search engine optimization
  • eCommerce CMS (online store management)
  • Business blogs
  • Online contact forms
  • Social media integration
  • Compatibility with existing sites
  • Newsletters
  • Interactive website elements
  • Digital banners / advertisements
  • Instant online advertisement integration
  • Customer feedback, reviews and blog post comments
  • Business and traffic analytics

A busy website has numerous operations that require attention and only through a cleverly designed CMS you will be able to manage it efficiently. At Valley Edge, we know what it takes to manage a business site successfully and we can tailor your site to be optimally efficient both for you and your clients. Contact us today to find out how we can help you attain total operational efficiency through cutting-edge CMS.


Our Web and Digital Design Services Include:

  • Web Design and Coding

  • eCommerce Websites

  • Content Managed Websites

  • Reward Programs

  • Digital Design and Promotions

  • Electronic Mailouts

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