Having an online presence is vital to attracting new customers.
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In the Internet generation, having an online presence is vital to attracting new customers. When looking for a business, many people immediately jump onto a search engine like Google and enter relevant keywords. Where you rank in those search results is imperative to grabbing those customers.

Digital Promotions

Online advertising is a multibillion industry and Google’s number one revenue generator because it works to powerfully increase sales and expand brand awareness on a global level. Whether you are a small business seeking local promotion, or a big enterprise with an international reach, our digital promotion plans will ensure your offerings are seen by as many relevant prospects as possible, driving highly interested potential customers into your sites.

By leveraging your business site’s assets, all available social media outlets and cutting-edge online marketing methods, we offer you a powerful array of digital promotion services that empower you to reach millions of prospects, with instantly measurable results and at an unbeatably low cost per impression!

Partnering with Valley Edge for Online Promotion Excellence

With more than twenty years of experience in marketing, branding and design, we boast intimate understanding of the online landscape and can help your business distinguish itself among countless peers.

Our digital promotion services include:

  • Banner ads
  • Video ads
  • Roll-ups
  • Interactive ads
  • Popping advertisements
  • Smart links
  • Data capturing (surveys, enquiries etc)
  • Online publications
  • Press releases
  • Online presentations / slideshows

Plus any other emerging digital promotion method that might help bring success to your ventures!

If you wish to harness the full power of the countless digital media to promote your business, we are here to help. At Valley Edge we have aided numerous businesses of all sizes to promote their offerings online in campaigns of all scopes and emerge successful even in the most competitive verticals.

Contact Valley Edge to day to discover how partnering with us can take your marketing and branding efforts to the next level. We do digital promotions right and we are confident we can boost your business’ visibility online smartly, effectively and cost-efficiently.

Our Web and Digital Design Services Include:

  • Web Design and Coding

  • eCommerce Websites

  • Content Managed Websites

  • Reward Programs

  • Digital Design and Promotions

  • Electronic Mailouts

Online Quotes & Print